“Setback Strikes Topless Sports League: Challenges Faced by the ‘Most Beautiful Women Ever'”

HOLLY SONDERS proposed Topless Sports League has suffered a major setback. The ex-Golf Channel and Fox Sports host has been hoping to launch the ‘Xposed Sportz’ league that would …
"Setback Strikes Topless Sports League: Challenges Faced by the 'Most Beautiful Women Ever'"

Holly Sonders’ ambitious plan to launch the ‘Xposed Sportz’ league, featuring Instagram and OnlyFans models, has hit a roadblock. The league, which would showcase models competing in various sports while wearing very little clothing, was set to kick off this spring. However, the league’s Twitter account has been temporarily suspended for violating the platform’s rules.

With just over 3,000 followers, the account was following only three individuals: Sonders herself, her partner Oscar De La Hoya, and a photography account that produces content for OnlyFans and other websites. The setback is a blow to Sonders, who has been working on ‘Xposed Sportz’ for several years.

The league was set to host events primarily in Las Vegas, but Sonders expressed openness to expanding to other cities. The 36-year-old former Golf Channel and Fox Sports host envisioned a fantasy come to life, with fans witnessing their favorite Instagram models competing in sports like golf, basketball, bowling, ping pong, and even twister.

Sonders explained her vision, saying, “These are girls who make most of their money on OnlyFans or an OnlyFans type of site where some of these girls are making hundreds of thousands of dollars making their content.” Despite the setback, Sonders remains determined to bring her unique sports league to life in the near future.

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