Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Managing Volume and Texture

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Managing Volume and Texture

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Managing Volume and Texture

Gentlemen, let’s talk about a topic that’s close to our hearts and heads—hair! More specifically, short hairstyles for those of us blessed with a voluminous and textured crown. We understand the struggle; it can be a real challenge to find a hairstyle that embraces your thick locks while making you look your absolute best. But fret not, my follicularly-endowed friends, because today, I’m sharing some expert insights and fantastic hairstyle ideas to chop those manes down and achieve unrivaled handsomeness!

The Perfect Cut for Your Luscious Locks

When it comes to managing thick hair, the right cut is crucial. Leave it to your skilled barber to provide the magic touch! Ask for a layered cut with tapered sides and back. This will remove excess bulk while maintaining that desired volume at the top. Trust me, you’ll feel like a new man!

Barber giving a great haircut

Embrace the Power of Product

Thick hair can sometimes have a mind of its own. That’s where grooming products swoop in to save the day! Invest in a good quality styling product that suits your hair type. Whether it’s a pomade, wax, or clay, find the one with just the right amount of hold to keep your hair in check without suffocating it. This small addition to your styling routine will work wonders, bringing that unruly hair under control.

Rough ‘Em Up with Texture

No one likes having a flat, lifeless head of hair. With thick hair, we have the perfect opportunity to embrace its natural texture and create some eye-catching styles. Incorporate texturizing techniques like tousling, finger combing, or even a light blow-dry with your fingers to enhance the volume and create a laid-back, effortlessly cool look.

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Man with textured hair

A Little Trim Goes a Long Way

Let’s be honest, gentlemen, maintenance is key. Regular trims are essential to keep your short hairstyle looking fresh and on point. Don’t let those locks grow wild and untamed; schedule your appointments and get that professional touch to maintain the perfect shape and manage those lush tresses.

Confidence is Everything

Lastly, and most importantly, wear your hair with confidence! Remember that your thick hair is a gift, and it sets you apart from the rest. Embrace your unique style, experiment with different looks, and most importantly, rock that hairstyle like it’s nobody’s business. Your confidence will shine through, making you irresistible.

Confident man with great hair

So there you have it, my fellow men with voluminous and textured hair. Follow these tips, try out new styles, and have fun with your hair! May your hair always be perfectly styled and your days filled with an extra dose of swagger. Stay groomed, stay handsome!


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