“Warrington Seeks Redemption Against Wood After School Sports Day Upset”

JOSH WARRINGTON knows he must avoid another slow start against Leigh Wood after even getting beaten at a school sports day. Leeds’ 32-year-old former IBF featherweight champ failed to reclaim his …
"Warrington Seeks Redemption Against Wood After School Sports Day Upset"

Josh Warrington is gearing up for his upcoming fight against Leigh Wood, and he knows he can’t afford another slow start. In fact, he’s even learned his lesson from a defeat at his kids’ school sports day.

The former IBF featherweight champion, who failed to reclaim his title in December, represented his twin daughters at their sports day earlier this summer. However, he was late out of the blocks and didn’t perform as well as he had hoped.

Warrington, a diehard Leeds fan, will be challenging Nottingham Forest supporter Leigh Wood for the WBA crown on October 7 in Sheffield. He knows that only a strong start will be enough to secure victory.

Reflecting on his previous defeat and the sports day mishap, Warrington said, “I went into the Lopez fight after jaw surgery and I was just too worried about it getting whacked. I finished well on top but it is one that will haunt me forever. But the girls’ sports day wasn’t much better.”

Despite his disappointment, Warrington remains focused on his upcoming fight and is determined to give his fans an unforgettable experience. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his hero Ricky Hatton and have a bout in the USA, where he can bring thousands of fans along for the ride.

Warrington expressed his gratitude to his loyal supporters, saying, “I meet people who tell me they were in Vegas for Ricky’s biggest nights and that they were the best times of their lives. And I have to reward these people for the time and money they have invested in me. I owe it to them and I will.”

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With his sights set on victory and a future fight in the USA, Warrington is ready to put on a show for his fans and prove that he’s back on top.

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