“Challenge Your Sports Knowledge with The Ultimate Weekly Sports Quiz!”

6-8: You are the Colombian women’s soccer team, ranked 25 in the world but through to the final eight of the World Cup. 3-5: You are the Wallabies, close but no cigar in losing 23-20 in the final …
"Challenge Your Sports Knowledge with The Ultimate Weekly Sports Quiz!"

August 11, 2023 — 11.30am

In the world of sports, we’ve witnessed some incredible performances and unexpected twists lately. Let’s take a lighthearted look at the highlights:

If you’re feeling like a superstar, then you must be in the shoes of the Matildas and the Diamonds! These talented athletes are on top of their game, showcasing their skills and making us all proud.

For those ranking between 6-8, you’re part of the Colombian women’s soccer team. Despite being ranked 25th in the world, they’ve defied all odds and secured a spot in the final eight of the World Cup. Talk about an underdog story!

Now, if you find yourself in the 3-5 range, you’re just like the Wallabies. They gave it their all in the Bledisloe Cup against the All Blacks, leading with an impressive score of 17-3 at halftime. Although they narrowly missed out on victory, their determination and effort deserve applause.

Lastly, if you’re at the lower end of the spectrum (0-2), you might relate to Lauren James, the England player who unfortunately got sent off for stomping on Nigeria’s Michelle Alozie. Let’s hope she learns from this experience and bounces back stronger.

No matter where you fall on this scale, one thing is for sure – sports always keep us entertained and leave us with unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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