“Backlash Intensifies: Activists Cross a Line by Targeting Olympian’s Children over Her Stance on Transgender Issues”

The retired 60-year-old has faced backlash after speaking out against male-born athletes who identify as female competing in sport and said she has been called ‘every name under the sun’ …
"Backlash Intensifies: Activists Cross a Line by Targeting Olympian's Children over Her Stance on Transgender Issues"

Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has spoken out about the abuse she has received from trans activists who targeted her children’s school. The retired athlete, who attended 12 Olympic Games, expressed her views on the debate surrounding trans women competing in women’s sports. Davies supported the decision to prevent trans cyclist Emily Bridges from racing against female riders, stating that there are physiological differences between male-born and female athletes. In response, she has been subjected to name-calling and harassment. Despite the backlash, Davies remains firm in her belief that there should be separate categories for male-born and female athletes to ensure fair competition. She also highlighted the lack of support from male athletes, suggesting that they fear the impact on their revenue. Davies emphasized the importance of open dialogue and scientific evidence in shaping the discussion on trans women in sports.

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