“Social Media Buzzes as Sharp-Eyed Sky Sports Viewers Spot Rashford’s Wardrobe Mishap”

Viewers tuning in to watch the heavyweight showdown at the Emirates noticed Rashford posing for the line-ups before kick-off and sporting only socks on his feet.
"Social Media Buzzes as Sharp-Eyed Sky Sports Viewers Spot Rashford's Wardrobe Mishap"

Eagle-eyed viewers watching the Manchester United vs Arsenal match on Sky Sports were in for a surprise when they noticed a bizarre wardrobe malfunction involving Marcus Rashford. In the pre-match graphics, Rashford was shown without any boots on, sporting only socks on his feet. The reason behind this strange mishap is still unclear, with theories ranging from a genuine mistake to Rashford searching for a new boot sponsor. Social media users couldn’t help but poke fun at the situation, with one user jokingly saying, “Forgot to wear shoes and the cameraman didn’t even know.” Despite the footwear blunder, Rashford managed to find his shooting boots and even scored the opening goal of the match. However, Arsenal fought back and ultimately secured a victory with a last-minute goal.

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