“Dave Portnoy Critiques Tucker Carlson’s Controversial Interview with Fraudster Sinclair: A Closer Look”

Portnoy revealed he actually met Sinclair at Carlson’s studio while taping his own recent interview with the fired Fox News host, who now produces his own show on X.
"Dave Portnoy Critiques Tucker Carlson's Controversial Interview with Fraudster Sinclair: A Closer Look"

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has hilariously criticized Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with a convicted con artist who made outrageous claims about having sex with Barack Obama. Portnoy, who met the fraudster while taping his own interview with Carlson, called Larry Sinclair “the least trustworthy human I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He even compared Sinclair to Anna Delvey, the infamous “fake heiress” who scammed New York’s elite. Portnoy firmly believes that Sinclair’s story has “0.0% chance of being true,” and that’s being generous. It’s not just Portnoy who has doubts about the interview; even Elon Musk, who has supported Carlson’s show on his social media site, expressed skepticism about Sinclair’s claims. Musk called Sinclair’s background “dubious” and emphasized the lack of evidence. Sinclair’s wild allegations have been circulating since 2008, but he has never been able to provide any proof. It seems that his story has only been taken seriously by conspiracy theorists and has largely faded from public discourse. In the end, it appears that Carlson’s decision to feature Sinclair in his interview has raised more eyebrows than convinced anyone of the truthfulness of his claims.

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