“Dunblane Sports Centre: The Birthplace of Murray’s Legacy”

It is a tennis club where the Murray brothers first picked their rackets before going on to be world-beaters. And now Sir Andy Murray and brother Jamie have paid tribute to the sports club in their ho …
"Dunblane Sports Centre: The Birthplace of Murray's Legacy"

Murray Brothers Pay Tribute to Dunblane Sports Club on Its Centenary Year

In a heartwarming gesture, Sir Andy Murray and his brother Jamie have expressed their gratitude to the Dunblane Sports Club, where their tennis journey began. The siblings recorded video messages to commemorate the club’s 100th birthday and reminisced about their time playing tennis there.

The Murray brothers, both renowned world-beaters in the tennis world, picked up their rackets for the first time at this humble sports club in their hometown. Their mother, Judy, worked as a coach at the club, making it an integral part of their upbringing.

Andy, the double Wimbledon champion and former world number one, acknowledged that his illustrious career would not have been possible without the club. He fondly recalled his memories of playing with his brother on the tennis courts and watching his dad’s “very average squash” matches. Expressing his gratitude, Andy said, “I just wanted to say thank you and happy birthday.”

Jamie, who has won seven Grand Slam doubles titles, also shared his memories of the club. He mentioned that their mother was the club coach and they were probably the youngest kids there. Jamie described the club as a “cool place to go” where they had fun, learned tennis, and spent a significant amount of time. He expressed his hope of visiting the club soon.

To celebrate its centenary anniversary, the club organized a gala dinner and auction at Dunblane Hydro, attended by Judy Murray. In recent years, both Andy and Jamie have returned to the club to provide coaching sessions for aspiring tennis players.

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The Dunblane Sports Club holds a special place in the hearts of the Murray brothers, as it laid the foundation for their remarkable careers. As they pay tribute to this cherished institution, their messages serve as a reminder of the importance of community sports clubs in nurturing talent and creating lifelong memories.