“Shocking In-Flight Incident Leaves Couple Appalled: Passenger’s Disturbing Behavior Sparks Outrage”

Former New Zealand All Blacks captain Richie McCaw can be seen looking back very unimpressed from his seat across the aisle.
"Shocking In-Flight Incident Leaves Couple Appalled: Passenger's Disturbing Behavior Sparks Outrage"

New Zealand’s beloved sports couple, Richie and Gemma McCaw, had a rather unpleasant encounter on their flight to France for the Rugby World Cup. Gemma, a former field hockey player for New Zealand, took to Instagram to share a video of a woman sitting behind her daughter and resting her foot on the armrest of the young girl’s seat. Richie, the former captain of the All Blacks, can be seen in the video looking back disapprovingly from his seat across the aisle.

Gemma humorously asked her 127,000 followers if they would be okay with this situation or if she should say something. She even added a laughing emoji and commented on the woman’s pedicure, but ultimately decided to “put her foot down” on the matter. Surprisingly, the oblivious woman kept her foot up on the armrest for two hours, leading Gemma to dub the incident as “footgate.” Instead of taking matters into her own hands, Gemma sought advice from her daughter, who cleverly suggested writing a note in her notebook that said, “Please put your foot down.”

Before Gemma had to intervene, a member of the cabin crew finally stepped in and kindly asked the woman to remove her foot from the seat. Gemma then shared a picture of one of her children looking out the plane window, assuring everyone that “all is well” as they continued their enjoyable flight to Europe.

Meanwhile, the Rugby World Cup group stages are currently underway, with matches being played until October 28. Unfortunately, Australia suffered a defeat against Wales over the weekend, making it unlikely for them to make it to the quarter-finals in Pool C. However, the New Zealand All Blacks are looking promising and are expected to progress to the quarter-finals alongside host country France from Pool A.