“Iconic BBC Sports Presenter Steve Rider Opens Up About His Brave Fight Against Prostate Cancer”

LEGENDARY BBC sports presenter Steve Rider, 73, has revealed he’s battling prostate cancer. He made a brave appearance on live TV this morning, having been diagnosed two months ago. And …
"Iconic BBC Sports Presenter Steve Rider Opens Up About His Brave Fight Against Prostate Cancer"

Beloved BBC sports presenter Steve Rider, 73, has bravely revealed that he is currently battling prostate cancer. In a recent appearance on live TV, Rider shared the news, disclosing that he was diagnosed two months ago.

Rider, an iconic figure in the world of sports broadcasting, is scheduled to undergo surgery this weekend. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he expressed his support for the work of Prostate Cancer UK, stating, “I’m a great convert to the work of Prostate Cancer UK because on Saturday I need quite an urgent operation. The whole process from getting myself checked, to diagnosis, to operation has taken about two months. I consider myself to be extremely lucky.”

The former Grandstand and Sportsnight host decided to get himself checked after fellow TV star Nick Owen was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Rider’s reading was slightly elevated, but he initially dismissed it. However, his wife Jane Eydmann encouraged him to take it seriously. Rider shared, “My wife is, thankfully, far more sensible and far more tuned in to these things. We went off and into the examination procedure and into the X-rays and so on. By that time I was pretty tuned in to the whole system.”

Rider received his results a day after participating in a charity walk in memory of the late BBC presenter Bill Turnbull, who passed away from prostate cancer last year. He was informed that immediate surgery was necessary and that he should clear his schedule for the next three weeks.

Fortunately, the cancer is contained within the prostate, providing an opportunity for significant surgery and a potential cure. Rider emphasized the importance of catching it early, stating, “If it becomes more advanced, the future is a little bit more bleak for people. We have caught it in time that surgery will knock it on the head. I’ve been so lucky.”

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Fans have flooded social media with messages of support for Rider. Many praised him for raising awareness about the importance of prostate checks, with one fan expressing gratitude, “Thank you Steve for getting the message out.” Another echoed the sentiment, saying, “Thank you for talking about a silent killer, the more men we get checked the better.” Well-wishers have sent their best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, acknowledging Rider as one of the best in the business.

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