“Broncos’ Justin Simmons: A Beacon of Leadership Amidst the Team’s Turmoil”

If the Broncos do nothing else between now and the NFL trade deadline on Oct. 31, here’s hoping they do right by safety Justin Simmons and let him join a team that knows how to win.
"Broncos' Justin Simmons: A Beacon of Leadership Amidst the Team's Turmoil"

Broncos Safety Justin Simmons Deserves Better Than Denver’s Struggles

In a league where bad football happens to good people, Justin Simmons stands as living proof. The Broncos safety has endured a tumultuous journey in Denver, and it’s time for the team to do right by him.

Simmons arrived in 2016, just after the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 victory. Unfortunately, he missed out on the celebration and instead found himself surrounded by a dumpster fire that nobody seems to know how to put out. Throughout his eight-year NFL career, Simmons has never experienced the playoffs, suffered through 75 losses out of 120 games, and listened to five different head coaches sell him empty promises.

One might wonder if a man can ever get used to the bitter taste of defeat. According to Simmons, it doesn’t get any easier. The Broncos’ current season has been particularly rough, possibly making it the worst in the team’s 64-season history. And yet, Simmons remains a shining example of dedication and loyalty to the orange and blue.

Unfortunately, injuries have plagued Simmons this season, preventing him from fully showcasing his Pro Bowl talent. Despite this setback, he refuses to make excuses. In his eyes, if you step onto the field on game day, you have no excuses. It’s a mindset that embodies his commitment to the game.

While it’s uncertain whether the Broncos will engage in a fire sale before the trade deadline, one thing is clear: Simmons deserves better. Even if Denver continues to struggle against Green Bay and Kansas City, it’s important for the team to handle any potential trades with tact. The goal should be to rebuild for the future by acquiring draft picks in exchange for veteran players.

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Simmons has proven himself as a team captain, displaying accountability in the locker room after every loss. Off the field, he actively fights against gun violence and supports causes close to his heart. His recent foundation gala raised approximately $100,000 for local organizations, showing his commitment to giving back.

Trading Simmons isn’t solely about acquiring draft capital; it’s about doing the right thing. At almost 30 years old, Simmons doesn’t have time to waste on a lengthy rebuilding project. Let him chase a championship ring in a new NFL city where his talents can be fully utilized.

It would be unjust for the Broncos to discard Simmons while holding onto unfulfilled potential in other players. It’s time to set him free and allow him to thrive elsewhere. Whether it’s Philadelphia, Detroit, or any other team with Super Bowl aspirations, Simmons deserves the opportunity to compete for a championship.

So, Broncos, do right by Justin Simmons. Free him from this dumpster fire and let him shine elsewhere.

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