“Sky Sports Host’s Secret Silver Screen Stint Revealed: Co-Starring with Lily James”

EMMA PATON hit the big screens before becoming a Sky Sports presenter. The 29-year-old much-loved host is now one of the faces of the broadcasting giants. But before she was famous for leading …
"Sky Sports Host's Secret Silver Screen Stint Revealed: Co-Starring with Lily James"

Sky Sports presenter Emma Paton, known for her charismatic hosting skills, actually had a hidden talent before she hit the big screens. The 29-year-old star had a brief cameo in the 2012 film Fast Girls, alongside award-winning actors Lily James and Noel Clarke.

In the movie, which follows the journey of a young athlete striving to become a world champion, Emma surprised fans with her appearance as a Ukrainian relay runner. She can be seen sprinting alongside the main character, Shania, played by Lenora Crichlow, in the trailer.

It turns out that Emma landed the role during her time as a 400m athlete while studying in London. Little did she know that her on-screen debut would lead her to become one of the beloved faces of Sky Sports.

Since joining Sky Sports as a journalist in 2012 and making her TV debut in 2019, Emma has become a household name. She is known for her hosting duties on the news channel, as well as her coverage of darts and tennis.

With a whopping 140,000 followers on Instagram, Emma continues to captivate her audience with her bold outfits and glamorous career. She recently wowed fans with her stunning holiday photos from Turkey and even caught the attention of darts enthusiasts who described her as “sexy as hell” during the start of the darts season.

Emma’s journey from an athlete to a beloved sports presenter is truly inspiring. Her passion for sports shines through in her work, and fans can’t get enough of her charismatic presence on their screens.