“Former UCLA Gymnast’s Astonishing Monthly Earnings of $30,000 Revealed”

Retiring from your chosen profession at only 25 is a daunting prospect – but for gymnast Gracie Kramer, she’s used it to launch her lucrative social media career.
"Former UCLA Gymnast's Astonishing Monthly Earnings of $30,000 Revealed"

Gymnast Gracie Kramer, 25, faced an uncertain future when her college gymnastics career came to an abrupt end due to COVID-19. However, she has managed to turn things around and now enjoys a successful career in social media. After graduating from the University of Los Angeles, Gracie found herself at a crossroads, unsure of what path to take. Throughout her college years, she had dedicated herself to training and competing in gymnastics, even earning a perfect 10 at a National Collegiate Athletics Association meet representing UCLA. But when the pandemic hit and all competitive sports came to a halt, Gracie felt lost. “Every goal that I had leading up to the season was taken away,” she said. “Welcome to the real world.”

However, Gracie didn’t let this setback define her. She turned to her passion for gymnastics and social media and has since built a thriving career. Through social media, she earns money through brand deals, with her earnings ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per deal. On average, she secures five to six brand deals a month. In addition to her social media work, Gracie also teaches private gymnastics lessons, charging around $100 per hour for a lesson.

But that’s not all – Gracie has also ventured into the world of professional stunt acting. She recently had the opportunity to be Martha Stewart’s stunt double in a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. “Being a part of a national commercial was definitely a top-tier experience,” she said.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Gracie remains grateful for her journey in gymnastics. Regular physical therapy sessions have been crucial in helping her stay in the sport for so long. “After retiring from college gymnastics, I had no clue what my future was going to look like,” she admitted. “The only thing I did know was that I was going to do what I loved.”

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Gracie’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination of young athletes who face unexpected obstacles. She has managed to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity for growth and success, proving that sometimes the end of one chapter can be the beginning of an even better one.

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