“Unforgettable Moments: Sports Stars Push Boundaries on I’m A Celeb, with Haye’s Cheeky Flash Stealing the Show!”

FAMOUS sports stars are gearing up for another series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. This year, Frankie Dettori and Tony Bellew will by vying to be crowned winner of the ITV …
"Unforgettable Moments: Sports Stars Push Boundaries on I'm A Celeb, with Haye's Cheeky Flash Stealing the Show!"

Famous Sports Stars Prepare for Another Season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

Get ready for another thrilling season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, as some of your favorite sports stars gear up to compete for the coveted title. This year, jockey Frankie Dettori and boxer Tony Bellew will be battling it out in the jungle for the ultimate victory.

While sports stars have had limited success on the show, with only four winners in 23 seasons, they have certainly provided plenty of shocking and entertaining moments for viewers at home. From unexpected flashes of bottoms to invasive bugs, here are some of the most memorable moments from previous seasons.

In 2011, former footballer turned Towie star Mark Wright surprised everyone when he stripped naked in front of fellow contestant Emily Scott, baring his bottom for all to see. He even joked that the cold shower turned his “willy into a mealworm.” Talk about a cheeky moment!

Footballer turned presenter Jimmy Bullard also provided plenty of laughs in 2014 when he flashed his bum during his shower time. And who could forget boxing legend David Haye, who turned up the heat by showing off his impressive physique and derriere in the shower? It’s safe to say he left quite an impression on female viewers.

Of course, no season of I’m A Celebrity is complete without the infamous Bushtucker Trials. From rats to cockroaches, the stars have faced their fears in some truly invasive challenges. Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread had a particularly memorable moment in 2011 when she had to have a cockroach flushed out of her nose. Talk about a bug invasion!

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Even football manager Harry Redknapp had his fair share of bug encounters. During one trial, he had to lie in a chamber while bugs piled in around him. At one point, he shouted, “It’s gone in my bloody ear!” Turns out, it was a cricket that had to be fished out by the on-set medic. Yikes!

And let’s not forget the clashes and controversial moments. John Fashanu, the former Wimbledon player and Gladiators presenter, surprised everyone with his fear of heights during a challenge. Despite his imposing presence on the pitch, he proved to be a scaredy cat in the jungle.

Man City legend Rodney Marsh faced criticism for his sexist jokes and sentiments during his time on the show in 2013. His clashes with fellow contestant Lynne Franks and his inability to connect with his female campmates made him a turn-off for viewers.

In 2017, boxer Amir Khan and presenter Ian Lee caused a stir when they decided to keep their Dingo Dollar prize of strawberries and cream to themselves. Instead of sharing it with their fellow contestants, they secretly enjoyed the treat and returned to camp pretending they got the question wrong. Their actions made them the pantomime villains of the season.

With all these unforgettable moments from past seasons, we can’t wait to see what surprises this year’s sports stars have in store for us. Get ready for another thrilling season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!