“Former Premier League Star Excluded from Exclusive £100,000 Golf Club Membership”

PREMIER LEAGUE cult Jimmy Bullard is out of putt luck. That’s after being banned from a swanky golf where it costs £100,000 to be a member. Bullard, 45, lit up the Premier league with Wigan, …
"Former Premier League Star Excluded from Exclusive £100,000 Golf Club Membership"

Premier League Cult Jimmy Bullard Banned from Swanky Golf Club

Former Premier League star Jimmy Bullard has found himself in a spot of bother after being banned from a prestigious golf club that costs a whopping £100,000 to join. Bullard, who enjoyed a successful career with Wigan, Fulham, and Hull, has become a household name thanks to his appearances on the popular TV show Soccer AM.

Known for his quirky sense of humor and brilliant bravado, Bullard’s mischievous behavior extends beyond the football pitch and onto the golf course. He was previously a member of the exclusive Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, which requires a one-off payment of £92,000 for full membership, along with an annual fee of £9,500.

However, Bullard’s membership was revoked following a hilarious incident at a charity golf game earlier this year. After a few drinks, Bullard decided it would be funny to tee off a ball from a Peroni bottle. Unfortunately, this did not go down well with the club’s management, leading to his banishment.

Despite his regrettable actions, Bullard expressed his sincere apologies and hopes for a chance to return to the club. In an interview with Stephen Hendry, he admitted, “I had a few drinks and I got carried away. I put a Peroni off the first tee and clipped a ball off it. It’s obviously not the thing to do, so I apologize. If there are any Sunningdale members watching, I do apologize. I really want to come back.”

It seems that Bullard’s misadventures have cost him his membership at Sunningdale Golf Club, but perhaps with time and a little less mischief, he may be able to regain his place on the green.